Marks and Spencer Pest Prevention Code of Practice V2

In January this year Marks and Spencer (M&S) brought out Version 2 of their Codes of Practice for Pest Prevention. This CoP is for all Direct and Raw Material Suppliers except pre-packed and basic produce.

Many of our customers are part of the supply chain for M&S and consequently they are working to the new Pest Control Policy document. At Check Services Ltd we are naturally interested in the changes relating to the pest control section to ensure we can provide a service that complies with all aspects of the Policy. When the various supplier Codes of Practice are updated,  it is vital that our service, reporting systems and all our field staff adapt quickly to comply with the standards.


Our Premier Specification is designed around the various supermarket / supplier standards and we quickly adapt it as necessary for the M&S Code of Practice (Pest Prevention) as well as other specifications such as  Waitrose Pest Control Policy; BRC Global Standard for Food Safety; Tesco Food Manufacturing Standard; Soil Association Organic Standard etc.

Reporting Systems

Our reporting system is designed and structured to provide a comprehensive documentation of our service as part of an Integrated Pest Management for our customers. In addition to this, our reporting format provides information in a way that allows auditors to easily find all the information they require.

DSC_0822Field Staff

Due to the high percentage of our customers who work to the M&S CoP, all of our staff understand and are trained to carry out pest control in food production environments and part of this includes complying with Version 2 (January 2015).

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