Pest Birds

Preventing pest problems – Bird pest control and proofing

All bird species are protected by law and they should be valued as part of our rich wildlife, but they can be a problem on food handling sites and other areas in the workplace. Not only can they be a nuisance (not a valid reason for lethal control), but they can be responsible for disease transmission and damage to property.

Commercial Pest Control - Nuisance pigeons on a restaurant table

Pigeons sharing food on a restaurant table

Bird Proofing

Comercial pest control bird proofing

Pigeon spikes installed on a bakery roof

Check Services Ltd has a specialist department to deal with all aspects of bird work as part of our commercial pest control service, including installation of spikes or wires against pigeons and gulls and installation of netting against pigeons, gulls or smaller birds. 

If regular treatments are required or if frequent intrusion into difficult-to-proof buildings is an issue on your site, bird control work can be included in your pest control contract,

We are experienced in dealing with large complex installations and full risk assessments and methods statements will be provided for all work to be carried out.

Bird Fouling Removal

013Even in small numbers, birds can cause a lot of mess from droppings under perches, nests and roosts. This pigeon guano can pose a significant health risk as it can contain pathogens such as Cryptococcal Meningitis, Salmonella and Listeria, Viral Encephalitis and E. Coli. Dried pigeon guano is more dangerous then fresh droppings as there is a risk of inhalation of the dust.  Fresh bird mess can also pose a risk as a slip hazard

Check Services Ltd undertake all kinds of cleaning and removal of bird mess including disinfecting the cleaned area with biocide.