BRC Global Standards

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) has produced the BRC Global Standards for Food Safety. Compliance with this document is a requirement for many Food Manufacturers, particularly if the business supplies any of the supermarket chains in the United Kingdom (UK).

The latest version of this standard is BRC Issue 7 which was released in January 2015 but is being audited against from July 2015. A .pdf copy can be downloaded by registering at the BRC Bookshop .

The vast majority of our customers are audited against BRC standards and as such it is vital that our service, reporting systems and all our field staff comply with the standards.

Service – Our Premier Specification is based on complying with BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

Reporting Systems – Our reporting system is designed and structured to provide a comprehensive overview of the Integrated Pest Management for our customers but to provide the information in a way that allows auditors to easily find all the information they require.

Field Staff – Due to the high percentage of our customers who must meet this standard, all of our staff understand and are trained to carry out pest control in food production environments and this also includes complying with BRC standards.

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