Fly Killer Supply and Servicing

Flying Insects

aflyresizeFlying insects are a major source of concern when it comes to public safety. Insects are known carriers of a large number of pathogens responsible for human disease. When they fly, they are highly mobile and we have no way of telling where or on what they may have alighted before landing on our food or food preparation surfaces. Our commercial pest control control service can provide solutions to this problem.

Electric Fly Killers

It is inevitable that flying insects are going to find their way into a kitchen or food production area, especially in a busy plant where raw ingredients and product are constantly being brought in and out. Electric fly killers are a very effective tool when it comes to removing these insects from all areas of your premises.


Electric fly killers work by attracting the insects to the special bulbs in the unit which produce ultraviolet (UV) light. The insects are then either destroyed by an electric grid which exposes them to a charge of around 4,000 volts,  or held fast on a sticky glue board held within the unit. The industry is tending towards the use of glue board units as they capture the entire insect, whereas the spark from an ‘HT Grid’ unit can result in the insect fragmenting and being ejected from the unit, resulting in an increased risk of product contamination.

Unfortunately the bulbs used in these units can only produce an effective level of UV light output for a finite length of time, so the bulbs need to be replaced annually if the units are to remain functional. Even when these purple/blue bulbs are still lit, they may not produce the right wavelength of light to attract insects after the recommended time has expired.

Fly Killer Supply and Servicing

Glue board being changed as part of service.

Servicing an Electric Fly Killing unit

Check Services Ltd supply a large variety of electric fly killers suitable for every environment and situation, from ATEX and IP rated units to fully functional ‘decorative’ units suitable for front of house or reception areas. Units can be wall mounted or ceiling suspended in glue board or HT grid format, stainless steel finish or painted white. All our units are supplied with sleeved ‘shatter resistant’ bulbs.

We provide a full range of servicing  options from a simple annual bulb change to cleaning and full catch tray analysis and trending.