Reporting and Documentation.

Pest Control Report 3The reporting system left on a customer’s site is a vitally important part of the commercial pest control service provided by any pest control company.

Once we have finished our work and left site, our report folder will provide all of the information on that visit, from the basic legal aspect, through to more detailed information such as completed checklists, offering advice and providing recommendations.

The majority of our customers are regularly audited by their suppliers, and our service and reporting systems are constantly being scrutinised by external auditors. Our systems are always evolving but have been designed to ensure compliance with the various external suppliers. We have extensive experience in dealing with all the major auditing bodies operating in the UK and beyond.

Main Site Inspection Report Sheet
The completed inspection report sheets are the core of the reporting system and all other information should feed to, or from, this document. The quality of the information provided here can make the difference between an informed customer, and a customer ‘left in the dark’. When designing our systems, Check Services wanted to be able to maintain the flexibility of the written word (avoiding the generic ‘drop down tabs’ of PDA systems) whilst introducing technology to increase the flexibility and speed of the information provided to our customers. We have achieved this using Digital Pen Technology.

The Report Folder
Our report folders contain the information associated with the pest control contract in one place including:

  1. A good reporting system is important in commercial pest controlMonitor checklists and trending information.
  2. Fly killer checklists and trending information.
  3. Site plans showing locations of all monitors and fly killers.
  4. Risk assessments, safety data sheets and COSHH assessments.
  5. Key contact information and staff training records.
  6. Insurance certificates and details of trade association memberships.

Biologist Technical Inspections
These highly detailed inspection reports are delivered electronically and can be edited by the customer to include actions taken and any other relevant information. The reports also include a scoring system so that a comparison can be drawn up over time and improvements on the site can be measured.

The reports can also be filtered to only include details relevant to a particular department. i.e. a report can be generated that only mentions, for example, engineering issues on line 1, or stored product insect issues in production. This gives  added and useful flexibility to reports.