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British Retail Consortium V8 Draft document

Check Services have provided feedback to British Retail Consortium (BRC) on their draft document , we have focused on Section 4.14 – Pest Control.

There are not too many amendments to the pest control section of this draft document. Most amendments involve tidying up terminology although there are a few changes which may have some impact on service.

Probably the biggest change relates to birds and their roosting points. There would appear to be a change of emphasis from ‘proofing if there is an issue’, to showing by risk assessment that there is NOT an issue. This may result in more of our customers having to proof areas of their sites against birds roosting.

There are also changes to the requirements for trending and analysis. There are no specific details so I suspect that this will become clearer via guidance notes or following onsite audits.

Obviously this is still a draft document and even if this becomes the final document there will still be areas which will need further guidance notes and / or be open to auditor interpretation.

Further details will be provided as we are updated.

BRC Global Standards Issue 7

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) has produced the BRC Global Standards for Food Safety. Compliance with this document is a requirement for many Food Manufacturers, particularly if the business supplies any of the supermarket chains in the United Kingdom (UK).

The latest version of this standard is BRC Issue 7 was released in January 2015 but is being audited against from 1st July 2015. This leaves less than 2 months before all systems must be in place. – A .pdf copy can be downloaded by registering at the BRC Bookshop .

The vast majority of our customers are audited against BRC standards and as such it is vital that our service, reporting systems and all our field staff comply with the standards.

Service – Our Premier Specification is based on complying with BRC Global Standard for Food Safety as well as other specifications such as M&S Code of Practice; Tesco Food Manufacturing Standard (TFMS); Waitrose Pest Control Policy; Soil Association Organic Standard etc.

A good reporting system is important in commercial pest control

Reporting Systems – Our reporting system is designed and structured to provide a comprehensive documentation of our service as part of an Integrated Pest Management for our customers. In addition to this, our reporting format provides information in a way that allows auditors to easily find all the information they require.

Field Staff – Due to the high percentage of our customers who work to the BRC Global Standard, all of our staff understand and are trained to carry out pest control in food production environments and part of this includes complying with BRC standards.

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