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Food safe pest control monitors introduced

Check Services is introducing food safe, metal and X-Ray detectable monitors for all its Food Manufacturing Customers.
The new range of metal detectable monitoring equipment will include mouse bait boxes, insect monitors and mouse trap box systems. Check Services is the first pest control company in the UK to introduce a range of food safe monitoring systems and these are now being introduced into all new customers’ premises. A program of upgrading our current customers to the new food safe monitors is underway.

mouse bait point

food safe, metal detectable mouse box


The new range of monitors are designed to be Food Safe – not just Detectable!
–  Metal detectable and X-Ray detectable.
–  Visually detectable.
– Use materials that are compliant with European and other global standards for food contact use.
– Easy to clean.

The key feature of these new Check Services products involves the detectable polymer. This has fragments that are detected and rejected by standard in-process metal detection and x-ray equipment. All of this range of products are independently tested and meet current EU legislation along with other international requirements for food contact use.